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Leo J. Henney Funeral Home has been serving the Carnegie area community for many years. We’re thankful to be an important part of this community and will continue our longstanding legacy of helping families honor their loved ones.



Founded in the early 1950's by Leo J. Henney our funeral home has withstood the test of time in delivering quality service to our families.

Originally owned by Leo and Helen Henney, the Leo J. Henney Funeral Home flourished in Carnegie as a neighborhood funeral home.

Leo hired David A. Ritter as an embalmer in January, 1967. David A. Ritter, a year later, along with his wife, Nancy, also bought a funeral home of their own from Harry Corl in Trafford. David renamed the Corl Funeral Home to his namesake, the David A. Ritter Funeral Home.

Leo and David worked together for many years and David continued his own funeral home business in Trafford. In January 1986, Leo and Helen Henney decided to retire. David and Nancy purchased the Leo J. Henney Funeral Home from Leo and Helen in January 1986, keeping the original name. David's son, Scott Ritter decided to follow in his father's footsteps. He enrolled at the Pittsburgh Institute of Mortuary Science where he studied to become a funeral director. Scott graduated from PIMS in 1984 and apprenticed with his father and Leo for a year, and stayed with his father as supervisor after the funeral home purchase.

In 1988, after graduating PIMS, Gary Mazak apprenticed at the Trafford facility. Gary who is married to David's daughter Darlene, and has since become the supervisor of the David A. Ritter Funeral Home in Trafford.

In 1995, the funeral directors found an opportunity to purchase the Neville Frank Funeral Home in Sharpsburg. At the same time, David's other son, Gary was graduating from PIMS. The group purchased the funeral home and renamed it the Gary R. Ritter Funeral Home. In 1997, David A. Ritter became sick and has since been unable to work with his sons and son-in-law, but his guidance is evident in their work ethic.


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